Riding Tips

Tips for a Successful Bicycle Riding Experience: An experience rider will be on hand 30 minutes before the start of the scheduled ride on the last Sunday of each month to answer your questions about cycling. If the ride is suitable for beginners, you can be paired with an experienced rider for the beginning of the ride.

  • Shifting. Knowing when to shift and into what gear is important for a successful riding experience. Don’t leave the bicycle shop without a demonstration of how the gears on your bicycle work. Then get tips from an experiences cyclist about when to shift to maximize your speed and endurance based on different road conditions.
  • Developing Stamina and Endurance: If you are new to exercise and to cycling, you should plan to start out doing no more than 10 miles on a flat surface. The new Greenways located throughout San Antonio are excellent for building endurance. Check the HCBTAC website for a list of our weekly rides, which are generally good for beginners. Check the listing for scheduled weekend rides to find those rides which are short (20 miles or less) and mostly flat. When you can easily do 10 miles, aim to add an additional 5 miles on the next ride and, when you are comfortable with that distance, continue adding 5 miles until you have reached your goal for comfort and fun.
  • Proper hydration and nutrition: Eating and drinking the right foods and liquids before, during, and after a ride is essential for a successful ride. Always eat foods high in carbohydrates before a ride and bring along energy snacks to eat during the ride. Drink at least 8 ounces of water or a sports drink before riding and drink something every 15 minutes during a ride. For more information go to the following website: http://www.livestrong.com/article/19328-nutrition-tips-cyclists/
  • Ride with others for safety and socializing. A saying in the Hill Country Bicycle and Touring and Adventure Club is that “No one gets left behind.”  Consider joining our club for optimum safety and fun while you ride.
  • Learn how to fix flats. Knowing how to fix a flat tire will give you peace of mind on the road. First, always be sure to carry a spare inner tube, a pump and tools to fix a flat. Flat Tire Repair classes are available at 7:30 on the 1st Tuesday of every month at Bike World, located at 5911 Broadway in San Antonio (210-828-5558)