Riding Equipment

A. Essential clothing and gear in order of importance:

1. Helmet. The more expensive helmets have more air vents

2. Padded riding shorts

3. Riding gloves to protect the pressure points on your hands

4. Shoes if you want to clip on to your pedals

5. Water bottle + holders on the bicycle or a camelback

6. Front and rear lights

7. Bicycle pump

8. Riding jersey. A short sleeved jersey can be converted to a winter jersey by adding a long sleeved shirt underneath it.

9. Riding pants with zippers at the ankles to be worn over the shorts when the weather is cold.

10. A riding jacket for cold or inclement weather

11. A bicycle rack or some means to transport your bicycle

12. An odometer that will tell you speed and miles ridden.

13. A mirror attached to either the helmet or the bicycle

14. A pouch or bag for carrying on the road essentials

B. On the Road Essentials

1. Spare inner tube

2. Patch kit

3. Tire lever for changing flat tires

4. Bicycle pump or CO2 cartridges +pump

B.5. Multi-tool for fixing flats, and making bike adjustments or repairs

6. A cell phone to call for help

7. Identification / money / insurance cards