Ride Leader Responsibilities

The Hill Country Bicycle Touring and Adventure Club recognizes that all ride leaders are volunteers who are giving of their own time to support the organization. All ride leaders are expected to exercise their best judgment in all situations.
Introduce yourself as the ride leader.
Talk to new or less experienced riders to make them feel welcome.
Be sure everyone signs the sign in sheet so you will know if all riders return.
– If possible, have some blank membership forms and maps with you to offer new riders.
Review rider safety guidelines (use a helmet, keep to the right, obey all traffic laws, alert other riders to oncoming traffic, etc.) and highlights of the ride, including food stops.
Tell riders to let you know if they are going to modify their ride (e.g., turn around early, add an extra leg, etc.) so you won’t be waiting somewhere for them.
Start the ride on time – you are not obligated to wait for late comers.
Take steps to insure that new or less experienced riders are not left behind by doing one or all of the following:
– – Ride sweep yourself. or ask someone else to ride sweep
– – Talk to riders at the back to assess their experience and fitness level and to determine that they will all ride together.
– – If the last riders are experienced and specifically request that you not wait for them, it is not necessary to do so.
– – If the ride breaks into more than one group,determine which group needs the sweep, it will usually be the shorter ride and/or slower group.
– It is not your responsibility to repair bikes. However, if you have the following, it is a good idea to bring it: spare tube and/or tube repair kit, pump, very basic tools or all-in-one tool.
Account for all riders at the end of the ride.
Except for inclement weather, ride leaders are obligated to show up at every ride they are leading. Ride leaders are not obligated to show up for a ride in inclement weather. If the weather is bad, check the website for an update or call the ride leader.
– If you can’t lead your ride, please find a substitute – either one of the other leaders or another responsible person.

Email or call the Ride Director if you have any questions.